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Moving is never easy, but we can simplify your first step. Affordable Moves makes finding moving trucks a cinch.

Here you can compare rates and prices as well as options, such as one way moves or unlimited mileage. Self moving has never been easier since our site compares moving truck rental companies across many brands, including local, long distance and cheap, discount options. Breathe a little easier: you are almost finished with this decision.

We help you rent trucks of all sizes. In addition, we can search for trailer rental and even cargo van rental. Think outside the box to find the cheapest vehicle to best fit your needs. Truly, renting the right vehicle is not difficult when you target your search here.

Once you cross truck rental off of your list of chores, you can focus on important things, like finding out which of your friends can help you on the big day. Happy moving!

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You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to find the right set of wheels. Search for the truck rental at the location you desire. Affordable Moves takes care of you. We provide you with easy solutions for your truck rental needs – anywhere.