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First Time Babysitter Do's and Don'ts

Babysitting is a tried and true way for teenagers to make a little extra cash. If your teen has decided they want to start raking in the babysitting dollars, they should know the basic building blocks of a great sitter right from the start. That way, they're more likely to get called on again and recommended to others. Pass on this blog to anyone you know who's starting to babysit – this information is just for them!

DO: Get Emergency Phone Numbers

First-time babysitters, make sure to get a number where the parents can be reached, like a cell phone or the number of the place they're headed. You should also have the numbers for emergency contacts like the fire department, the local police, and poison control. In the old days these numbers might be on a note on the fridge, but now you can just store them in your phone's contact list.

DON'T: Invite People Over

Parents tell horror stories of babysitters who immediately sent the kids to bed and then invited their friends or boyfriend over to hang out. That's unprofessional. Even if the kids are sleeping, you need to stay focused in case one of them needs you.

DO: Play With the Kids

Have fun and play games with the little ones! It'll make the time go by faster, and more importantly, the kids will love you and ask their parents to hire you again. You can even bring along new games or toys.

DON'T: Leave the Kids Alone

If you have to leave the house for some reason, take the kids along with you rather than leaving them behind. Even if it's just for a minute or two, you're being paid to watch them, and you'd be surprised how much can go wrong in just a minute or two of not paying attention.

With these tips in mind, you can build up a great network of parents they love working with. Don't forget to put some of that dough toward a college fund!