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Creative Ways to Say Thank You for Helping Me Move

You've probably heard the popular saying that you know who your friends really are when they help you move. There's more than a little truth in it. Moving is a hassle, and anyone willing to help you out by jumping right into the chaos is a great friend. It's a good idea to let them know how much you appreciate their help. Most people offer them pizza or send a thank you note, but it's even more fun to come with a creative thank you that'll put a smile on their face. Here are a few ideas to get you brainstorming.

Get Them a Massage

Moving can be exhausting work, so thank your friends by giving them a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa. If you know they don't have plans, you can even call ahead of time and schedule one for both of you the day after you move. Let the professionals work those kinks out of your back!

Classy Post-Move Dinner

Pizza and beer is the classic "thanks for moving" meal, but feel free to have some fun and go for a more upscale version. Open up some wine, have a cheese platter, some good bread, and a veggie plate. There's something delightfully silly about acting elegant and classy with unopened boxes piled everywhere around you.

Create a Thank You Certificate

Find a certificate template online and print out a "Helpful Mover Friend of the Year" award. Put it in a nice frame and pack it at the top of one of your boxes. Make sure to unpack that one before your friend leaves. Casually say, "Oh, I think this is yours," pull out the award, and hand it to them. If they feel silly displaying that in their house, they can always replace the certificate with a photo.

Don't forget maybe the most important thank you of all. If they move sometime and you can help them, go for it! Not everyone gets a chance to give back like this, but if you do, it's the best way of all to say thanks.