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Top 3 Tips for Fall Cleaning

The dog days of summer are behind us, and it's time to pack away the pool toys and start bringing out the coats, umbrellas, and snow boots. Before cold weather gets you in its grips, there are a few important things to do to get ready for autumn.

 Get Your Mind in the Gutter

 Fall and winter storms can ravage your home with water and moisture. One of the best ways to avoid costly roof and water damages is to make sure your gutters are cleared of debris, leaves, and twigs before fall storms set in. Keeping your gutters spic and span allows rain water to properly drain away from your home, instead of piling up and potentially seeping under your tiles or shingles. Clean your gutters early, and check them regularly as the season progresses.

 Take It Inside

 Even if you live in a state that has regular sunshine during the fall, you're going to be spending more time indoors in the fall, and it's a good idea to make sure your home's interior is ready. Change air and heater filters, be sure to dust thoroughly, and vacuum rugs and furniture to ensure that your indoor environment is clear of dust and debris. Double-check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and pull your space heaters out of storage, or the garage, and dust them off.

 Make it Safe for Santa

 Before you light the first kindling in your fireplace, clean your chimney. If it's too daunting to do on your own, have a professional clean it. Be sure to remove any left-over soot or burned logs from your fireplace, and wash around fireplace doors and the hearth. Check your fireplace tools and screen to ensure that they are ready for another season.

 After a long and hot summer, the prospect of crisper days and snuggly evenings at home is enticing. Once you've got your home clean and ready for fall, you can fully enjoy all the pleasures of the season.