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Thoughtful gifts on the cheap

When it comes to gift-giving, it really is the thought that counts. Anyone can put money in a card and call it a present. However, a thoughtful gift shows that you care enough to take an extra step and truly think about the gift’s recipient. That being said, gifts don’t need to be pricey too be considerate.

 Personalized Gifts

 Dig through your storage unit or attic looking for items that can be re-purposed and personalized as special gifts. Picture frames are perfect for this, but just about any container or decorative item can be customized with help from fabric paint or a trusty paint pen. Once it's personalized, fill the frame with a special photo or stuff the container with the giftee's favorite snacks, bath soap, or magazines. You'll end up with a present that is sure to be appreciated for years to come.

 Food Gifts

 Food is love, and even the simplest food gifts can mean a lot. Give a special popcorn bowl to the popcorn aficionado in your life, make a booklet of special family recipes for a niece or nephew heading off to college, or bake a batch of those cookies your for your co-worker with a sweet tooth. As long as you choose a food item that fills your recipient with joy, you can't go wrong.

 Event Gifts

 New babies, new jobs, and graduations offer plenty of opportunities to create meaningful gifts. For a new mom, decorate a large jar and fill it with things she'll need on-hand. To celebrate a friend's job in a new city, fill a container with desk-appropriate snacks, commuter passes, and a list of shops and restaurants surrounding her new digs. Whatever the occasion, if you tailor the gift to the special event, you'll create a winning present and make a meaningful memory.

 Thoughtful gift-giving is really about considering the likes and interests of the recipients. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what makes their lives easier or happier. With a little thought and very little cash, you can create a gift that is priceless.