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Pros and Cons of a Bottom Floor Apartment

Getting in on the ground floor may be terrific for business opportunities, but it has some drawbacks for an apartment location. When you’re thinking about moving into a first floor apartment, weighing the property’s disadvantages along with its benefits can help you select an apartment that truly feels like home.

 On the Plus Side

 Easy Access

 Forget trudging up and down stairs with a first-floor apartment. Moving in, moving furniture to a storage unit, and even carrying in groceries are easier with a ground-floor home. In emergencies, that easy access also makes for quick escapes.

 Garden Views

 Ground-floor apartments often have little garden or patio spaces that are great for pet owners or for those who need to commune with nature. That little piece of grassy heaven may make apartment living more comfortable and give you an extra space to entertain or relax.

 Liven Up

 On the ground floor, you don’t have to worry about your level of noise. Surrounding neighbors won’t hear your late night vacuuming and dance parties as they would if you lived above them. Of course you should keep the volume down at night time, but at least your fellow inhabitants won’t hear you stomping around!

 On the Downside

 Easy Access

 Ground-floor units offer easier access to uninvited people like burglars and peepers, so you may want to consider extra precautions and safety systems for a first-floor unit. Always make sure your valuables are locked up as well.

 Noisy Neighbors

 You may want to invest in some earplugs and sleeping mask if you're living on the ground floor. You'll undoubtedly hear your upstairs neighbors at the most inconvenient times, and you may get a fair amount of street noise and light in the evening.

 At Eye Level

 Ground-floor apartments are oftentimes in view of people passing by. As a result, you may have less privacy than you would in a second-story unit. Invest in some nice window coverings to feel a bit more secluded in your home.

 Identify your needs when it comes to moving into a new space, and weigh the pros and cons that come with any new home. Evaluate what type of space best fits your lifestyle, and you’ll be on the fast track to enjoying your new space.thing