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How to Decorate a Tiny Patio

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages, and that can be true of small patios too. Even if your patio is a little short on space, you can still create an inviting, lively area.

 Choose A Purpose

 Prioritizing your needs will make designing your space easier, so think about how you want to use the patio. Do you want a place to laze around with a good book? Do you want to barbecue and dine outside, or do you want to cultivate a vegetable and herb garden? Having a clear vision in mind will help you decorate your space.


 Remember that scale is important in small spaces. While you don't need miniaturized furniture, it is a good idea to keep things compact and purposeful. A small table with two chairs, potted plants, and a few decorations can transform a tiny patio into a cozy oasis.

 Work It

 Choose multifunctional furniture to make the most out of your small space. Items like trunks are great places to hide outdoor blankets or yard supplies and also make great footrests and coffee tables. You can also break out that small round accent table from your storage unit, cover it with a broken-pottery mosaic, and quickly turn it into a fun bistro table. Items that serve multiple purposes maximize your space.

 Build It In

 Get creative with built-in features. Create a little dining space by creating a makeshift bar along a patio wall. Or, build a comfy bench with under-seat storage. Think about creating things that can fold out or pull out from existing features for extra functionality and minimal space.

 Stack It Up

Use vertical space to your advantage. Stack two decorative trunks and top with a potted plant and drink tray. Hang pots filled with plants and herbs from a balcony railing, and place a cute watering can under your bistro table. This way, you avoid the clutter of having everything laid out on your patio, while still creating a fun place to hang out.

 With a little ingenuity, you can create the outdoor space of your dreams, no matter how small your space.