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Eco-friendly products that you could be using every day

Adding a little green to your everyday life is getting easier with the ever-increasing number of eco-friendly products on the market. Using just a few of these green products can help you keep your home free from harmful chemicals and preserve some of earth's most precious resources.

 Home Products

 There are plenty of things we frequently waste, and paper towels are some of the biggest offenders. Make your paper towel habit a little more earth-friendly by choosing brands made from recycled paper. For greater savings, try out reusable bamboo “paper” towels or make your own rags from scrap fabric you've got tucked away in your closet or storage unit. While you're at it, replace cleaners with natural alternatives, like reusable soap nuts for your laundry, distilled water and tea tree oil for disinfectants, and hand soaps made with vegetable oils.

Electrics and Electronics

You use electronics nearly all day, every day, so green alternatives can make a big impact. You've probably already started making the switch to LED or CFL light bulbs, but you should also consider solar-powered alternatives for things like nightlights and outdoor lights. Go a step farther by replacing single-use batteries with rechargeable versions. Or, jump entirely on the eco-friendly bandwagon and choose products like water-powered clocks, sustainably manufactured speakers, and mobile phones with cases made of renewable materials.

Personal Care

Cosmetics, skincare treatments, and the dozen other grooming products you use daily expose your skin to pretty questionable chemicals. Instead of braving the elements, try out products with more natural or sustainable ingredients like natural nail polish, argan oil hair moisturizer, and coconut oil anti-aging remedies. Bamboo-handled toothbrushes with biodegradable bristles are a good choice, as are homemade treatments like vanilla bean body butter.

It's a win-win when you take advantage of the expanding number of eco-friendly options out there. You can save some money, create a healthier home, and preserve natural resources all at the same time.