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Do's and Don'ts of Converting Your Kid's Room to an Office

After sending your child off to college, it may seem like a great time to revamp your living space with a bedroom remodel. Whether your child is off to school or well into adulthood, a childhood bedroom contains a ton of emotions and memories. Before you remake a child's old bedroom into your shiny new home office, there are a few things to consider.

 Give Notice

 No one likes to feel like they're being pushed aside, and kids on the brink of early adulthood may be especially sensitive. Tell your son or daughter about your plans, and give them a chance to pack up treasured mementos. If your child isn't around to take care of special items on their own, pack everything up and place it in storage. Let your kids know that they are always welcome, whether the room is a bedroom or an office.

 Make Grand Plans

 Plan to keep a few of their favorite things in the room. Place a couple of their treasured photographs on a bookshelf, or give their coveted baseball trophy prominent placement in your new design. Leave some closet space open so that they have a spot to stash their things, and work a day bed into your design so there's a comfy sleeping place.

 Recognize the Minefields

 Don't assume everything left in the room is trash without asking your child; those old glow sticks from the 2009 Fourth of July celebration, for instance, may represent a precious memory to your kid. Don't set unrealistic deadlines. If you know your child needs to work on school projects during Thanksgiving break, don't insist she have everything cleared that weekend. Most importantly, don't make your child feel like you are pushing her out. After all, in reality you’re just looking to design a functional space.

 While your kids may be adults, there's a lot of emotion tied up in moving away from home. Converting that childhood bedroom into your new office is actually a great way to start interacting with your child in a new, respectful, and adult way.