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5 Things You Really Don’t Need for Your House

From grand mansions to tiny houses, every inch of living space matters. Make the most out of your square footage by ridding your home of unnecessary junk. There are dozens of things in your house that you don’t use often, which are simply taking up space. Just eliminating five of them is a great start to freeing up your space, and giving you a new lease on life.

 Forget Matchy-Matchy

 Matching end tables or nightstands may look appealing in the furniture showroom, but they're not necessary in your home. Your sofa and easy chair can share an end table, and your bedroom dresser is a perfect alternative to a second nightstand. Make your furniture serve double-duty, allowing you to let go of extra space hogs. Get rid of duplicate furniture or stash it in storage, so it's not cluttering up your home.

 Contain the Bling

 Grand jewelry chests are gorgeous, but do you really need a three-foot-tall cabinet to house your jewelry? Buy a couple of velvet-lined drawer inserts and stow your treasures in your dresser or vanity. Although you might think bedazzled belongings are cute now, in a few years you won’t. Stick with more timeless items that will age with you, instead of date you.

 Exorcise That Treadmill

 You have good intentions, but that treadmill, elliptical, or stationery bike may be more trouble than it's worth. Most people don't use their exercise machines as frequently as planned. If there's a possibility you're in that group, don't buy the equipment or move those items into storage. You'll gain much-needed space and save some money in the short-term by simply purchasing a gym membership instead.

 Computing Space

For most people, large desktop computers are an unnecessary accessory. They take up valuable visual and desk space and are less versatile than their laptop brethren. Laptops and tablets can be easily stashed out of sight when not in use but still provide excellent function.

 Go through your house and evaluate what you can and can’t live with. Over time with a little work, your home will look and feel new again.