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Tips for Listing an Item on Craigslist

Recently hit with unexpected expenses, or just looking for a little extra money? Online community sites offer plenty of legitimate opportunities to make some quick cash, and Craigslist is the granddaddy of them all. The site makes it easy to sell all sorts of things lying around your house or in storage, from old vinyl records to unused furniture. New to the site? Never fear, because below you’ll find a few tips to make your Craigslist experience easy-breezy:


 Maximizing your profit takes a little bit of homework. Browse through your town's Craigslist pages to check out your competition. Survey listing prices of similar items, and get a feel for how quickly they're selling. Also, be sure to find out what your item would cost if it were brand new, and create your listing accordingly.


 Once you're armed with pricing and product info, then you can start writing your post. Photograph your item against a solid background from a variety of different angles so that shoppers can clearly see what you're selling. Write an eye-catching headline for each item and a clear, easy-to-read description that includes information like dimensions, price, how the item was used, and appealing selling points. To increase your buying audience, post items on pages for nearby communities and keep re-posting until your items are sold.


 Be smart when you’re trying to make extra dough. Use Craigslist's easy relay e-mail system so that your real email address remains private. Meet potential buyers in a neutral public place. If your items are too big to transport to a neutral spot, take them out to your front yard or garage for buyer meet-ups. Accept only cash or money orders, and don't give out unnecessary information about yourself or your family.

 Selling your stuff on Craigslist can be fun and profitable, so turn all that extra stuff into extra cash. And, the next time you get hit with a painful car repair bill or surprise expense, you can just smile and take it all in stride.