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How to Renovate for Big Life Transitions

New babies, ailing parents, and dozens of other life events can lead to big changes for your home. Before you start panicking, rest assured that home renovations don't have to be the exhausting, anxiety-producing, and costly experiences that you’re imagining. With a little planning and forethought, you can easily transform your home to reflect your new lifestyle.

New Additions

You want everything to be perfect when you bring your new baby home, and sometimes that means adding a room onto your house. For convenience, plan for an extra room to be built next to your own bedroom—this will make things easier when it comes to late night care. You'll want this new room to be as safe as possible, so consult with an architect and hire a licensed contractor to do the work, as well as handle permits and inspections.

Empty Nest Freedom

Once your kids are grown and headed out on their own, it's time to indulge yourself. Toss your kid's stuff in storage, and turn his or her room into a home office. There’s tons of things you can do with a newly empty space; convert the room into a wood shop, or create the dance studio of your dreams with hardwood floors and a barre. Whatever hobby takes root in your life, think about what you're going to need, plan a reasonable budget, and consult with well-regarded experts before you tear up a room.

New Living Quarters

There are a lot of reasons to add an extra apartment to your home, from earning additional income to providing space for an elderly parent. Turning a basement into a separate apartment or building a guest house on your property can give you the privacy you need while accommodating new tenants, elderly parents, or adult children.

You don't even have to wait for life to signal your renovations; you can be ready for anything by having universal design renovations made right away. But, whether you take the bull by the horns, or you wait for each big life event, a renovation that is well-thought out and made possible by hiring experienced professionals can be an positive experience.