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How to Increase Your Chi

Filling your life with peaceful, positive energy is a worthy goal. Feng shui practitioners believe that chi, or the world's life force, flows around people and objects as stream water moves around a rock. The proper channelling of this energy is believed to affect everything from your personal health to professional success, so having good energy movement throughout your home is vital to increasing your chi.

 Clear Out the Clutter

 One of the most important things you can do to encourage life-affirming chi is to de-clutter your home. Take a quick look around your house: Do you have a lot of dusty knick-knacks and furniture filling your rooms? If so, put that furniture in storage so that it's not blocking your energy flow. Move the remaining furniture around to enhance chi by imagining a stream running through your home. Arrange your furniture so the imaginary stream can wind its way through each of your rooms.

Bring Nature Inside

Ever wonder why having plants, small fountains, and aquariums in your home makes it seem more peaceful? Feng shui enthusiasts would say this happens because natural elements enhance chi. So after cleaning your home, your next step is to add greenery, a table-top water feature, and a few rocks or crystals to your home.

Let the Air and Light In

Other natural elements like air and light are equally important. Your new plants should help with improving your home's air, but you should also open your windows to let fresh air into your home. If you live in an area with poor air quality, be sure to use HEPA-filter air purifiers as well. Likewise, natural light is good, so bring as much sunlight into your home as possible.

Creating a serene, harmonious home is a positive step, whether or not you're a feng shui devotee. So get to cleaning out your home space, adopt a few plants, and open those windows—your chi and your attitude will thank you.