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Tips for Hosting Your New In-Laws

No matter if you feel a bit of friction or fit right in with your new family, there always seems to be something exhausting about hosting your in-laws. Avoid the awkward small talk and uncomfortable situations by playing it cool during their next visit. Make their next stay at your new home a bit more pleasant with the help of our in-law survival tips below.

Play it Safe

Sure, you might think it’s the perfect time to discuss old family secrets, politics, and you and your spouses’ recent financial choices, but resist. Stick to safe conversation topics such as new clubs you’ve joined, activities your kids are participating in school, and feel free to ask them questions about their pets. If you stay on neutral topics, you’ll steer clear of any potentially tense moments. After all, your upcoming vacation to a nudist resort is probably the last thing you want to discuss with your new father-in-law.

Transportation Tiffs

If your in-laws flew into town, ensure they have a convenient way to get around. If this means you and your spouse share one car and drive to work together so that they can borrow the second vehicle, so be it. Of course you want to spend time doing activities with your new family, but chances are, you both want some alone time too. Make sure they have the means to be independent, this way, everyone wins and you don’t have to hear any complaints about being cooped up in the house.

Food is Love

Anyone who would willingly call themselves a “foodie” knows one thing to be true, food is love. Show your new family a little love by having your house fully stocked with all their favorite goodies. And besides, a little sucking up never hurt. So if you know your father-in-law has a sweet tooth for cupcakes with buttercream frosting, have some on hand. Likewise, if your mother-in-law has a killer lasagna recipe, get all of the ingredients and ask her to help you make it. This way, everyone gets to taste the delicious fruits of your labor and your in-laws feel welcomed in the process. Even if you don’t end up eating at home very often while they’re in town, it’s better to be stocked and safe, than starving and sorry.