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Outside Games the Whole Family Will Love

Don’t let your kids spend their entire summer vacation inside watching television and playing video games. Instead, play some fun outside games the whole family can enjoy. Not only will this get everybody in the summer spirit, but it’s a fun and easy approach to living an active lifestyle.

Net it Up

Purchase a multipurpose sports net for hours of friendly competition. With a standard size net, you can play both badminton and volleyball with the whole family. Not only are these games both accessible for people of most ages, but you can play with a large number of players or a more intimate game of one-on-one as well. You can even purchase some kits which come with a net, badminton rackets and shuttlecock, and a volleyball.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

There’s no better way to spend time outdoors than to get a little crazy with your very own slip ‘n’ slide. Whether you purchase this chaotic aquatic from the store or make your own with a large tarp and a hose; the possibilities for fun are endless. Let the good times slip and slide on a hot summer’s day with the whole family. Just make sure you set up your slide on a level surface and away from any rocks or hard surfaces to avoid injuries.

Red Light Green Light

All you need to play Red Light Green Light is some yard space and the spirit of competition. Select one person to play the “Traffic Light.” The Traffic Light stands at the far end of the yard while the rest of the competitors line up facing the Light. When the Traffic Light yells, “Green Light!” everyone runs as fast as they can in the direction of the Traffic Light, and when they yell, “Red Light!” everyone has to stop immediately. If anyone is caught moving after red light is called out, they have to return to the original line at the beginning of the course. Whoever first reaches the Traffic Light assumes that position during the next round.