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Outdoor Activities for Meeting the New Neighbors

After a long day of work, it can be too easy to simply walk through the door, eat dinner, and call it a day. However, staying inside is no way to get to know your neighbors. It’s absolutely crucial to establish good relationships with your new comrades, when you first move in. From avoiding future disputes to making new friends, your neighbors are worth more than a quick hello. With the weather warming up, here are some easy outdoor activities to join in and meet the neighborhood while you’re at it.

Evening Walks around the Blocks

Not only is an after-work walk good for your health, it’s also a great way to get to know people. You may run into the neighbors who are also going for a post-afternoon heat stroll, or at the very least, you’ll become a familiar face around the block.

Play with the Kids in the Front Yard

Get out the Slip ‘N Slide in time for summer! Not only will your children love playing some outdoor games, but you can also help them make friends by inviting the neighborhood kids over. Meet the parents and establish your own relationships with the adults as your kids get the opportunity to make their own band of amigos in their new town.

Fire up the Grill

Nothing says summer like an outdoor BBQ. Grab some extra ribs and corn cobs next time you’re at the store and get to grilling. Invite all your neighbors over for a delicious afternoon. If they want to bring over food too, even better. There are few better ways to bond than over shared peach pie cobbler.

Sign up for a Local Sport

With the weather so nice, get your gear out of storage and enjoy some outdoor sports. Whether you sign up for an adult league of soccer, baseball, or touch-football, winning isn’t really the point. Getting to know the locals while enjoying the sunshine and having fun is worth all the trophies in the world. And if you do will in the big prize, even better!