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How to Notify Others You’re Moving

It’s no easy feat to let your friends and family know you’re moving. Whether you live with roommates, young children, or surrounded by close friends, moving can be a major life milestone. This is why you need the support of those who are closest to you. Check out our tips below for letting your loved ones know you’re moving on to bigger and better things.


No matter if you live with random roommates off of Craigslist or your best friends from college, there’s something unique about the roomie bond. You’ve seen each other’s big moments like landing new jobs or scoring a date with the girl of his dreams, but you’ve also watched him have one too many drinks at that Cinco de Mayo party and repeatedly refuse to change the toilet paper roll. No matter the strength of your bond, it’s important to let a roomie know ASAP when you’re planning on moving out. Chances are, you have lease obligations to work out and you may even need a subletter. Ask them how you can help fill your room with a new tenant or let them know how they can back out of the lease, too. The more courteous you are, the more likely you will remain friends after the big move.


Many of our interactions with children include pantomiming animals and singing, however, the best way to let your kids know you’re moving is simply to talk to them. After all, even though they’re children, they regard your current residence as home just as much as you do and they may have a difficult time processing the big move. Tell them honestly about the situation and let them ask any questions they have. The more you let them feel involved with the planning, the smoother the transition will go. If possible, try to take your kiddos to see their new house before the big day to get them more comfortable with the idea. What’s more, make sure to make time for them to have playdates with their close friends so they can say goodbye and exchange contact information.


Sometimes telling close friends you’re moving can be even more difficult than telling your family. The uncertainty of not knowing when you’ll see them again can often be scary. So, choose your time wisely to let your friends know you’re moving. Consider asking them out for a dinner or happy hour and break the news to them. Have a plan of action in mind for how you plan to keep in touch be it writing a lengthy update of your life via email, communicating via webcam, or making the commute to see them once a week or month. Let them know how much you’ll miss them with a parting gift such as a framed picture of your entire friend group. This way, they’ll have a reminder of you set up in their home and the assurance that you won’t lose touch.