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Great Going Away Gifts

No matter who’s moving, why not do your part in making their send-off a happy one with thoughtful, creative gift. Whether you're celebrating a teacher's moving to a warmer city after retirement, carting your teen off to college, or waving farewell to a cherished friend relocating for a new job, you can find inspiration for great going-away gifts in dozens of places.

Gifts with Meaning

It doesn't take wads of cash or tons of effort to create a meaningful gift for your moving friend. Some of the best items can be made from things found around your house, buried in your garage, or tucked away in storage. So, dust off that old picture frame, glam it up with paint, and fill it with a special photo. Or, turn it into a shadow box to display tickets from that awesome concert the two of you went to, a menu from your favorite take-out joint, and other mementos of your lengthy friendship.

Gifts with a Child’s Touch

If the person moving away is important to your kids, let your kiddos get in on the action too. Re-cover an old pillow with fabric painted with your kids' hand prints and designs, or ask kids to decorate a cherished coffee mug. Or encourage them cover the top of an old end table with broken dishes to create a colorful mosaic; the options are only limited by your imagination.

Gifts of Convenience

If your creativity is drawing a blank, offer a going-away gift that puts some fun and comfort into your friends’ move. If they're driving long-distance to their new town, put together a road-trip care package with snacks, small games, hand wipes, magazines, funny photos, and a gas gift card. Remove the need for them to hit the grocery store as soon as they get into town by giving them local restaurant gift cards or having breakfast delivered to them on their first morning in town.

Whether you choose sentimentality or convenience, coming up with creative and fun going-away gifts is a great way to celebrate your relationship and help your loved ones settle into their new home.