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Getting Your Bike Ready for Summer

The sun is shining, the trails are calling your name, and you just got your bike out of storage. Before you do your stretches and ride into the sunset, do a thorough check up of your ride. Even if you kept your bike in a dry, room temperature space all winter, it’s always a good idea to make sure everything is perfect before you take off.

Grit and Grease

A clean bike lasts longer than a dirty bike, much like a clean car lives longer than a neglected one. Give your bike a deep clean, but with as little water as possible. Clean out any dust from the crannies and give your wheels a good check to see if there is any dried dirt which needs removing. This is also the time to remove your seat post and add a little bike grease to it after cleaning. The grease will help prevent rust in the seat tube.

Break for Brakes

Your bike is nothing without its brakes. If you don’t have 100% working brakes, you’re asking for an accident down the road, literally. Look closely at your brake pads. If the pads are worn down or uneven, you need to replace or adjust them.

Watch the Wheels

Do a good inspection of your wheels. Are they fully inflated? Do they have too much wear and tear? How about your rims? Damaged rims can cause a wobbly situation on the road, which could lead to an accident. Elevate your wheels, do a spin test, and check to see that the wheels turn in an even manner.

Check the Cables

The cables connect everything from your shifters to your breaks. Any damage to these cables can cause delayed responses, or worse, no responses. You certainly don’t want to discover faulty cables when you’re speeding down a mountain and need to slow down at the sight of a solitary squirrel. Look to see if your cords are undamaged and working properly, and replace immediately if need be.

Those bike trails are ready for you. Let your bike be up for the challenge.