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DIY Lighting Tricks to Make Your Backyard Beautiful this Summer

Good lighting can transform your backyard from drab to fab in no time. Between all your summer potlucks, pool parties, and kicking it after work in the cool air, you deserve a truly magical backyard. Here are some lighting tricks to give your backyard a magical glow.

Paper Bag Lights

If you have a pack of colorful paper bags and a string of lights, you have everything you need to give your backyard a fun pop of light and color this summer. Simply cut slits at the top of the bags and cover over the lights. Criss-cross the string under your porch overhang and plug in. Voilà! A beautiful new feel to your backyard. This works especially well for themed parties, like Fourth of July and birthday parties.

Tin Can Lanterns

If you have any left-over cans (the bigger the better) and some candles, you’re in business for a beautiful night time soiree. Grab a nail and hammer and poke holes into the cans in the pattern of your choice. Random punctures can sometimes be just as beautiful as creating hearts, stars, or other designs. Put in a few candles and lay your cans out on the buffet table. For an extra bit of décor, add a metal handle to the cans to turn them into cute summertime pails.

Grapevine Lights

If you have some big trees in your backyard, hanging balls of twine and lights makes for a beautiful sight. Pick up some balls of grapevines or metal wires from your local craft shop. Wrap icicle lights around the spheres and hang from your trees. It’s a simple thing, but the lighting adds a little extra sense of coziness for any night in the backyard.

Sea Shells, Beer Bottles, and Origami Boxes

Speaking of little string lights, if you have your Christmas lights in storage and want to give them summer life, just add some props. Puncture holes in sea shells and push the lights through, or stuff the lights inside beer bottles line on the table. Another idea is to add some heat-safe origami boxes to the lights and string them up on your porch. It’s fun, easy, and it looks great. Just remember not to leave the lights on when no one’s in the backyard.