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Bathroom Décor Trends of 2014

Your home is your kingdom and your bathroom is your throne. And while it may not be The Iron Throne à la Game of Thrones, it still deserves a certain allure. These days, bathrooms are gaining traction in the world of innovative décor. It’s more than a sink, a shower, and a toilet; it’s your own personal stamp of style.


Bathroom galleries are big, big, big these days. The real trick is the frames. Pick a style to match the feeling of the bathroom, such as sleek black frames, shiny silver metal frames, or rustic wooden frames. You also need to consider what you’re framing. Are you going to go with family photos? Whimsical prints? Concert posters? Are you planning on keeping with a black and white pattern or is there a certain color scheme you’d like to try out? Galleries give you a range of options for a truly unique and trendy space. It also gives you a chance to get all those old pics and playbills out of storage and back in the spotlight.


As you may have noticed during any random trip to Target or World Market, chalk isn’t just for kids anymore. Chalk boards are huge in terms of décor, even in bathrooms. Chalkboard paint, or just a good chalkboard, allows you to add a splash of modernism to your bathroom. This motif is usually best if the rest of your bathroom has a sleek and modern feel to it.

Paint One Wall

Instead of investing in a major overhaul consider painting only one wall of your bathroom a bright color. Try a deep red, a fun green, or another statement color. For extra pop, add colorful little accents like a matching bath rug or a soap dispenser. In fact, why not go for gold and make it a true throne that it is?