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Tips for Downsizing Your Apartment

Perhaps you’ve recently moved to the big city and the only apartments in your price range are significantly smaller than your previous place. Or perhaps you’re going through a transition between jobs and need to rent a smaller space while you’re waiting to land the new job. Whatever the reason you’re downsizing, it’s important to remember the positives of living in a new place with less clutter. Here are some tips for downsizing your apartment, so you feel free and happy in your new space; instead of grumpy and cramped.


It’s all about attitude. Sure, you now have a standard closet instead of a walk-in closet, and perhaps you now only have a ledge for your plants instead of a big backyard, but focus on what you received in the exchange: a better location or cheaper rent. You may have a smaller closet, but the view outside your window is well worth it. And while you miss your garden, saving hundreds of dollars each month can eventually go into buying a house with an even bigger backyard than you had before. Don’t feel limited; feel like you’re on a new adventure.


Now’s the time to do an inventory of your things. When was the last time that chair was used for sitting instead of holding your dirty clothes? When was the last time you actually used your exercise equipment? Ate on that table? Used those mugs? Downsizing is a great opportunity to rid yourself of the junk you’ve been holding onto for far too long.


For those important tokens, which simply don’t fit in your new place, don’t toss them or give them away; store them! A storage unit is a cheap option to stash away any possessions you can’t part with, but can’t exactly fit in your tiny apartment either. Check in with Affordable Moves to find the best storage in your neighborhood. By storing even a few boxes, you’ll open up space in your new place without sacrificing any of your favorite things.