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Three Ways to Give your Backyard a Makeover

Moving into a new place or feeling bored with your current home may be just the kick you need to give your backyard a makeover this spring. As the warm weather starts to stir up and the spring cleaning bug starts to bite, check out a few of our ideas to give your backyard the boost it needs for this season.

Sport Areas

You don’t need to install a state-of-the-art gym to create an environment for working out. Instead, bring your fitness to your backyard with some fun and creative ways to get your heartbeat up. If you don’t have a big enough backyard to transform it into a full basketball court, place a backboard on the side of our garage, fence, or patio for an impromptu game of b-ball. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a slightly calmer backyard activity, build a horseshoe pit for some friendly family competition. All you need is some sand, two stakes, and some horseshoes to make a simple game. You could also easily install tether balls, soccer goals, hot tubs, and above ground swimming pools.

Zen Garden

Buddhist monks created zen gardens for meditation, and now you can too. After all, you deserve a quiet oasis to retreat to after a long or stressful day at work. So build yourself a zen area to unwind, calm down, and find tranquility. But before you start to feel overwhelmed about the thought of creating a peaceful paradise to match those of the Buddhists, realize your garden can be as big or small as you like and as simple or elaborate as you desire. Simply start with a few stones, sand, and potted plants. And don’t forget a rake to create soothing water-like designs in the sand.


When you live in a place where the evenings cool down, even in the heart of the summer, a fire pit could be just the touch you need to create a year-round inviting backyard space. In addition to providing you with a heat source, outdoor fireplaces are just as good as any campfire. Gather round to tell ghost stories and embarrassing tales, cook hot dogs, and roast Marshmallows. Winter or summer, a fire pit invites you to cozy up, star gaze, and shoot the breeze with ol’ pals.