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Rate Your Inner-Roomie

You’re embarking on the great roommate adventure. Whether they’re old friends or new Craigslist finds, you’re definitely going to be getting to know these people up close and personal. On the flip side, they’re going to be getting to know you. Whether you realize your own tics or not, chances are, you fall into one of these categories:

The Nervous Nelly

Do you start to twitch when you see dishes piling up in the sink? Does a small stain send you into a frenzy of questions about the deposit not being returned? If you are frequently asking these questions and err on the side of uptight, you may be a Nervous Nelly. You’re a good person to have around and definitely keep the house running in tip-top shape. Your roommates appreciate you, but definitely hope you lighten up.

The Care-free Cohabitant

Life’s too short to hole up and clean the kitchen, am I right? If you often forget when it’s your turn to buy toilet paper or let your half-finished Slurpee sit on the table for days on end, you may be the care-free cohabitant. You’ll probably live longer due to your low stress levels, but try to be considerate of other people. Sure, it may be cool to leave a few dishes in the sink overnight, but don’t let them fester there for multiple weeks. You are probably very socially active and frequently bring your roommates to the trendiest hotspots around town. Your roommates enjoy your free-spirited nature, but could live without you leaving Pop-Tart crumbs everywhere.

The Compromise Queen/King

In this modern day Goldilocks situation, you are just right! You’re nailing it. You pick up after yourself even if you do occasionally leave your shoes lying around. You admit that you’re not perfect and try to pitch in to help as much as possible. And yeah, you did leave your dishes out for a day or two, but you helped clean up after your roommate had her birthday party. You are the ideal roommate; congrats!

Whether you fit one of these molds or are a different personality entirely, strive to always make your home a comfortable, relaxed environment. Clean up after yourself and help out. Your roommates will notice, and hopefully contribute as well.