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Gift Ideas for Your New Neighbors

Just think back to when you moved into your current home. Your kids were tearing through the house, your dog was whining to explore the neighborhood, and you didn’t have a chance to order dinner until 10:00 pm! As you sit by the window and watch as the new family moves in across the street, use this as an opportunity to win the best neighbor award. Check out a few of our simple tips for achieving the Wisteria Lane-inspired welcoming worthy of Bree Van de Kamp’s praise.

Gifts for the Kids

Chances are the Internet and cable aren’t set up yet in the family’s new home, which means the kids are forced to play outside like we did back in the day. Create a little goodie basket for the children with sidewalk chalk, hula hoops, and maybe even a map to the nearby swing set. If you’ve got kids of your own, with parental permission, invite the new ones over to join your kiddos in the yard. Just think; this is a great way to earn brownie points for when you need your children babysat down the road.

Gifts for the Adults

A little Aspirin and bottle of wine are much appreciated during move-in week. Send over a bottle of local wine, so they can unwind after a long day of unpacking and indulge in the area’s local goodies. Or better yet, gift them with some bubbly to pop open in honor of moving into their new home.

Gifts for the Pup

Walk your dog by the new family, and if the dogs interact well, offer to take their pup for a little walk around the neighborhood. Just make sure to introduce yourself, tell them where you live, and ensure the pup doesn’t have any behavioral issues you should know about. If you think they may feel uncomfortable with this forward offer, bring over a new dog toy or bone to keep the dog occupied instead.

Gifts for the Whole Family

If you’re a master chef, consider whipping up your famous lasagna or prize pizza for the whole family to chow down on. This much-appreciated treat will save them the hassle of hunting down a local restaurant after an exhausting day of moving. Alternatively, if your cooking skills aren’t so hot, write up a list of the best local joints or delivery companies along with their addresses and phone numbers to save them the trouble. Furthermore, bottles of water, fruits, and snacks are also much appreciated.