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For the Vagabond Traveler: What to Store

Your backpack sits impatiently in the corner, with your well-stamped passport tucked inside. As a world traveler, you’re used to throwing some clothes, your toothbrush, and a few maps in a bag and heading off on your next adventure. The world of manicured home décor just isn’t for you. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sleep on an air mattress and eat off paper plates just because you’re in between trips. Self-storage makes it a lot easier to see the world without giving up comfort during your infrequent resting periods—especially if you’re the type who sublets or rents for short periods of time before moving to a new part of the county. Here are a few items worth keeping around and others worth storing before jetting off on your next adventure.

A Good Mattress

Make no mistake; a mattress is a heavy thing to move. However, compared to an air mattress or a few foam palettes, a good mattress is so much better for your body and quality of sleep. Go ahead and invest in a good mattress. When you’re in between sublets and homes,  drop off your mattress in storage until you return or sell it using online listings. 


Plastic forks are fine when you’re eating take-out, but if you’re living somewhere for a while, plastic utensils get old fast, and are bad for the environment. It’s ok to buy good quality utensils and some dinnerware. How else are you going to serve any visiting friends you’ve met along the way? Simply pack up everything in a box or two and store it when you’re ready to pack up for your next long trip.


You might have your photos and journals online, but you can’t put upload all of your physical knickknacks in an online cloud. For those soccer scarves you bought during the World Cup, necklaces you purchased during your topical vacation, or framed photos of you and your traveling pals meeting up in Europe, store them safe and sound until you return from your latest jaunt.