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Finding Comfort in the Warmer Months

The chill of the winter months may be on their way out, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain a cozy abode. Whether you’re spending a lazy Sunday afternoon indoors or your best friend from out of town is coming to visit your new place, you want your place to scream comfortable and lived in, not vacant and cold. Creating a warm and inviting space doesn’t necessarily mean serving hot chocolate and lighting up the fireplace. Here are a few of our tips to inspire coziness even as spring creeps in:

Movie Pit

Nothing says cuddle up and grab the popcorn more than a movie pit. Furniture retailers are all about the movie pits, which are like a bed-couch hybrid. These pits are extra spacious couches, where you and your friends can sprawl out and watch a flick, without worrying about ottomans for your feet or space for Lazy Boys.  However, if you’re still living off a post-college budget, go the slightly cheaper route, and invest in an extra-large bean bag instead.


Sure, the smell of sugar cookie candles elicits memories of Christmas at home, but what about when it’s 65 degrees outside? Believe it or not, candles can provide comfort without the obligatory wind chill. Choose lighter scents, such as wild flowers, fresh linen, or spring rain, to make your home smell fresh, clean, and welcoming.


Draping a throw over your couch has a certain way of pulling together the room, while simultaneously making you want to curl up on your couch. Just because warmer weather is on its way in, doesn’t mean you need to ditch your throws all together. Instead, choose bright shades and lighter weight blankets. Put your fur and down maroon-colored throws in storage, and instead opt for a floral Egyptian cotton throw instead. When April showers come pouring through, wrap up in a crème colored cotton blanket, and relax in your warm, dry abode.

Framed Photos

Remember how warm and fuzzy you feel when you think back on fond memories? Well give yourself that same feeling every time you sit in your living room or walk through the halls of your new digs. Frame photos from your favorite outings and vacations with your friends and family to enhance the sense of coziness. And if you’re really looking to get creative, in the name of spring, Andy Warhol your photos with colorful effects to make your pictures match the bright season.


Who says you need to stay inside to get cozy? Hang a hammock on your porch or backyard to create an instant oasis. Grab a good book, breathe in the spring air, and get comfortable in a hanging hammock.