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Do It Yourself Projects for Your New Home

You’ve finally moved into your new home and can’t wait to start doing some decorating. Whether you’re a regular Martha Stewart or a new craft queen, here are a few easy DIY projects to get your house looking funky fresh:

Set the Mood

Your entry way is the first place you and your visitors see when entering your home. Make a good first impression, by making your entry way pop. One easy way to dramatically change the look and feel of your entrance is to paint your door. Pick a bold color that says something about you. Blue encourages tranquillity and efficiency, red provides a burst of energy, and yellow is known to increase focus. Whatever color you choose, do a little research into its benefits. Another simple way to beef up your entrance is planting flowers in flower boxes outside your window or along your walkway leading up to your door. Pops of colors, both from fresh paint and blooming blossoms will make your home a more welcoming destination for newcomers and old friends alike.

Easy Ways to Set Reminders

The kitchen is usually a central hub to any home. Whether you live alone, with a loved one, or with your whole family, the kitchen usually garners a lot of foot traffic. One easy way to revamp your kitchen is by adding a built in blackboard to your wall. Purchase chalkboard paint at your local home improvement store, along with painter’s tape and foam rollers. It’s as simple as spending the day painting the desired section of wall. Don’t forget to purchase some colorful chalk to go along with it. Once the paint has dried and the project is completed, this will become a perfect place to write schedules, reminders, or inspirational ideas.

Illuminate Your Space

Lighting sets the mood, in any space. Whether you’re looking for a dimly lit television room or something bright and sunny in your kitchen, turn up the light and let your creativity flow. Turn old antiques around the house into beautiful light fixtures. You can easily add mason jars to hanging bulbs, as well as old metal bird cages. Turn everyday items such as drift wood into a center piece by wrapping wire strings of light around them. You can even make a romantic table display by drilling a hole through colored wine bottles and placing strings of light inside. Always check your materials and make sure you’re not putting light inside flammable objects. Have fun, be safe, and get illuminated.