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Ways to Save Money Without Getting a Roommate

You're roommate just announced he's moving out, your landlord handed you a big rent increase, or you've just found out you're going to spend a big chunk of money on getting your car repaired. You need cash fast, before your carefully guarded budget goes down the drain. Don't rush to online forums in search of a roommate just yet, there are plenty of ways to boost your budget and make extra money without bringing in a dodgy roommate.

Make Being Frugal Fun

Challenge yourself to find a new way to save money each day. Make your own latte, and skip the pricey coffee counter. Pack your lunch for work instead of eating out. Switch out sodas and energy drinks for water to reduce cost as well as better your health. Make your own laundry detergent and window cleaner, and hand-wash all of your clothing except your towels and underwear to save on Laundromat costs. Cancel any subscriptions you no longer use to gyms, magazines, and cable network access.

Cash in on Your Stuff

Make quick cash by selling off things you no longer use. Go through your closets and storage unit, and bust out those old baseball cards, comic books, and vinyl record collections. List small items online, and take larger items to the local flea market to sell in person.

Earn A Quick Second Income

Take on a second job as a department store clerk, barista, bartender, or waitress, and tap into your talents for extra money. Are you the next dog whisperer? Arrange to walk your neighbors’ dogs. Do you have a green thumb? Take on landscaping and tree trimming jobs. If you love to bake, make special occasion cakes on the side. Advertise babysitting services, be a tutor, offer guitar lessons, or provide organizational services if you’re the Queen of de-cluttering.

You may be surprised by how much money you can save and earn in a short time with just a few small changes. So, wish your roommate well, smile at your landlord, hit the car lot, or gracefully take on whatever new expense is hitting your budget. You've got this.