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Tips for Making a Good Impression on Prospective Renters

As a landlord, a soft rental market may have you scrambling to fill your properties. However, there are plenty of simple things you can do to attract renters and make your site the hottest property in town. In fact, a little ingenuity and attention to detail may be all you need to wow prospects and keep your rental properties filled with quality tenants.

Prize Properties

Take an objective look at your rental. If your property looks haggard, worn, and dirty prospective renters will turn tail and run. Curb appeal is your first chance to make a good impression. Spruce up those trees, shrubs, and make sure your lawn looks immaculate. Inside your property, repair wall cracks, clean carpet stains, and fix broken or leaking fixtures. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. For an extra special touch bake cookies in the unit before the showing so prospective renters are greeted with a delicious aroma, a yummy treat, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Move-in Specials

Whether you choose to promote your deals on colorful outdoor banners or with a clever series of roadside signs, a move-in special is your most effective way to make an impression. Offer a month's rent for free, waive the security deposit and move-in fees, or knock 10 percent off the monthly rental price. New renters often face dozens of upfront costs so a quick financial reward can put your property at the top of their list.


Your rental looks terrific, and you've given all the big financial perks you can; now it's time to be creative and appeal to your property's target market. If parking is a dog-eat-dog issue in your area, find a way to offer free parking. If your unit is small or in a region known for its outdoor activities, offer free storage for furnishings and sports gear. If your renters are commuters, offer free transport passes.

Above all, treat your prospective and existing renters like royalty. Quick, courteous, and responsive customer service is the best way to make a fantastic impression.