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Questions to Ask When You're Looking to Sublet

In big cities, small neighborhoods, and everywhere in between, subletting can be a smart way to find a comfortable and affordable place to live. Of course, moving in with a new roommate isn't easy, and it's definitely not something you should take too lightly. These are the must-ask questions to pose to potential renters before you think about subletting a space, no matter how nice the person appears in their classified ad!

What Happened to the Last Subletter?

This should be your first question when considering a new place to call home. If the last roommate left because they moved in with their boyfriend, or relocated for work, keep moving forward. If they left because of relationship drama in the apartment or incompatible lifestyles, dig deeper to find out what really went down.

What Hours/Lifestyles are Typical for the Space?

If you wake up at dawn to go jogging every morning, you might not appreciate an apartment full of late-night drinkers. Or, if you work the late shift at a nearby restaurant, that early-morning yoga session complete with loud gong music may not be up your alley. Find out what kind of lifestyle is normal in the space and determine whether your lifestyle will be a good fit.

How is the Apartment or House Paid For?

You might remember to ask how much the sublet costs and what day of the month rent is due, but don't forget to go one level deeper and find out how the apartment is paid for. Financing can be a deal breaker, so be sure to ask whether the space is owned or rented monthly, when the rental contract expires, and whether the tenant is financially secure.

Is There Any Available Storage Space?

Subletting can be a budget choice, but it's not a bargain if you have to toss out half your wardrobe in order to fit all of your things into a tiny space. Don't forget to ask whether there is any extra storage space, or if the tenant might want to share a rented space together to give the apartment a less cluttered look.