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Kids Projects Grown Up

Step up your grown up get-togethers, girls nights, and themed parties with a little blast from the past by reviving some favorite childhood art projects. Your friends will get a kick out of adding an adult twist to the beloved crafts and your party will be remembered for a long time to come.


There's nothing more fun than dipping your hands into ooey-gooey glue and making a vividly colored papier-mâché bowl. You know the drill. Coat the lower half of an inflated balloon with glue-soaked paper strips, let it dry, and pop the balloon. Then cover the bowl with strips of colorful fabrics, ribbons, threads, and yarns instead of tissue paper, and glam it up with jewels, sequins, and other sparkly doodads. These bowls make for a great earring or key holder for your friends to take home afterward.


A bag of rubber bands, some plain white t-shirts, and colorful dye, can turn a ho-hum party into a hilarious, festive get-together. Mix things up by providing white bandanas and bikini tops for a unique twist on the common dye job. Experiment with different designs, challenge each other to a tie-dye competition, and get really, really messy, all in the name of fun.

Spray Paint Bottles

Pull all of your old mason jars, tumblers, and wine bottles out of storage and gather your friends for a new twist on the classic craft. Get some spray paint, fabric, ribbons, and plenty of embellishments to turn those old bottles and jars into pencil holders, vases, and candle holders. For a modern look, write a word on the jar in glue and let it dry. Then spray paint over the whole jar so the message stands out.

Weave Friendships Together

Get the girls together, and have a fun night making friendship bracelets. Add metal and glass beads to the traditional braided threads, or use ribbons instead of embroidery floss for a sophisticated look. Be sure to provide clasps to attach at the ends so the bracelets don’t fall off or have to be tied on.

Resurrecting crafts from your schooldays is fun. So, go ahead, channel your inner child, and enjoy playing with your friends again.