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How to Win Over the New Neighbors

Moving in to a new place means a whole new set of neighbors to befriend. If you don't want to be known as the jerk in apartment 4B, take some time to get to know your neighbors and win them over with our helpful tips.

Introduce Yourself With a Plate of Cookies

The most common, and most effective, way to get on a neighbor's good side is through their stomach. Not a great baker? That's fine, but whip up whatever it is you can make best, whether it happens to be spicy hummus or a traditional bunt cake.

Throw a Block (Or Floor) Party

What's the absolute best way to get to know your new neighbors? Throwing a party is an obvious way to introduce yourself to the people on your street, or even the people living on your apartment floor. Stock up on some wine, or grab a few essentials to stock your home bar, and slip some invitations to the neighbors. You'll have fun, you'll meet and greet the neighbors, and you'll find out who is worth pursuing further as a new friend. And since everyone lives nearby, you don’t run the risk of drinking and driving.

Plan a Play Date

If you have kids, congratulations! You have a built-in way to get close to any neighbors who also have children. Organize a play date among kids of similar ages, and use that time to get friendly with the parents as well as their offspring. And if you really want to get on their good side, offer to babysit their children once a week, and they'll be in your good books forever!

Find a Common Bond

Kids aside, there are still plenty of ways to establish a common bond with your new neighbors. If you see them gardening regularly, ask some questions about the best flowers to plant in the region. If you hear their record player going at all hours, unearth some of your old LPs from storage and bring them up the next time you pass in the hallway.