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How to Find the Right Subletter

Don't let your exciting new adventure out of town be shadowed by a bad subletter. Whether you've planned a summer abroad or snagged a temporary work assignment out of town, finding the perfect subletter for your place takes some planning and commitment.

Talk to Your Roommate!

If you have a roommate, be sure to get her input about the type of subletter she can live with. Have her sit in on sublet applicant interviews to make sure she's comfortable with the potential new roommate. After all, in the long run, a good roommate means you won’t have to deal with potential subletting problems in the future.


Tap into your roommate's network of friends to promote your space. Have your roommate send out a group text message or post a status on Facebook announcing the available sublet. If responses are lagging, have your own friends do the same and ask your landlord for suggestions. Don’t forget about posting specific instructions on sites like Craigslist, just be sure to not include your actual address in the advertisement. By just posting your cross streets, you give subletters a general area without letting them know exactly where to find you.

Select Just the Right Person

While a friend of a friend might make a great prospect, don't let friendly connections get in the way of common sense. Interview potential subletters, run credit checks on them, and verify their references. Once the fact-checking is complete, pay attention to your intuition. Someone may look fantastic on paper, but if he seems “off” in person to you or your roommate, file his application in the "No Way" folder.

Make the Deal

Bust out your sharp negotiating skills and avoid potential issues by working out who's paying for utilities, how payments will be made, and how your things will be treated if you’re leaving your room furnished. To be doubly safe, place your treasured items, files, and important paperwork in storage so they are secure while you're away.

Ultimately, you want to enjoy your upcoming adventure, not spend your time worrying about your apartment or refereeing disputes between your roommate and subletter via text message. With a little effort and negotiating, you can find the right subletter so you can head out for parts unknown with an easy mind.