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Happy Activities to do with Kids After a Big Move

You've signed the house papers, coordinated the move, unpacked what seemed like a gazillion boxes, and re-arranged the family-room furniture a dozen times. The only thing left to do is the most important step: exploring your surroundings. Whether your kids are toddlers or teenagers, a move can be unsettling. The best way to help everyone feel excited about your new home is to embrace all the attractions of your new town.

Toddler Time

For little ones, the local library's story hour is the perfect place for your kiddos to meet other tots and have a good time. Make the experience extra special by getting your little tyke a library card of her very own. A trip to the local children's museum is also a great spot for your kids to play, meet other neighborhood kids, and feel like they're part of something exciting.

Tween Years

Help your school-aged kids find new friends by signing them up for a fun class at the local rec center or a community sports team. Enjoy family movie nights under the stars in your local park, special events at the roller rink, and trips to the neighborhood swimming pool during the summer. Or, pull your slip ‘n’ slide out of storage and invite neighborhood families over for a refreshing summer get-together.

Teenage Days

Your teens may not want to be seen with you, but you can still help them explore your new town. Drop your teenagers off at the local frozen yogurt shop, coffee house, or ice cream parlor while you're at the grocery store. Have lunch together at the neighborhood pizza joint. Explore the teen center, and spend some time visiting local festivals and fairs as a family. Just be sure to lurk on the fringes to avoid embarrassing your teen.

Whatever your kids' ages, exploring your new town with an open mind and a quest for new adventures can make the settling-in process effortless. And, with your kids happy and adjusted, life for you is so much better.