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Ways to Renovate Your Backyard on a Budget

Your backyard is an open canvas for plant life to flourish, whether you have a sprawling lawn or just a few shrubs. This area often doubles as a lounging space as well, providing a sunny expanse to entertain visitors or just enjoy the fresh air yourself. However, many backyard renovations remain expensive. Get creative and add some thrifty concepts to your yard to make the area pop with a unique look, without busting your budget.

Container Gardening

If you have limited yard space, liven up any corner or wall with container gardening. Plant herbs and vegetables for a more functional area, which should ultimately help you cut down on food costs. Strategically place shrubs in containers along a south side of the yard to shade the area from hot summer sunlight. Plant flowering species in small- to medium-size containers while locating them randomly through the yard. These focal points create a lively exterior and revamp your yard.

Simple Pathway

Guide your guests through you backyard with a pathway. Although pouring a concrete pathway is an expensive selection, you can try a more rugged strategy by laying crushed rock. Using wrap bender board as edging, fill an excavated pathway with quarter-inch crushed rock. Available in many colors, the crushed rock remains in place with the edging. Make the pathway curve and meander through the yard for an eclectic appearance.

Adding Unfinished Furniture

Patio furniture is downright expensive, but your budget-friendly solution is in unfinished wooden chairs and tables. Purchase and store the furniture in a self-storage unit until you're ready to create your own patio masterpiece. Seal and paint the unfinished wood any color or stain you like. Add inexpensive cushions for added comfort and character. You'll find these gems at local thrift stores or even mom-and-pop wood furnishing stores.

Make your backyard your own with added luxuries you install yourself. Between pruning plants and sweeping the patio, you'll have a gorgeous outdoor space that will impress your friends and increase your home’s value. Whether the yard is large or small, there are inexpensive renovations that can be completed with any budget.