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Ways to Maximize Kitchen Storage

You've just moved your favorite kitchen items out of storage and into your new apartment. What appeared to be a large space suddenly looks tiny with all your utensils, pots, and dishes. If you're wondering where to fit all these critical kitchen items, just use some creative thinking to keep everything handy while still looking organized.

Look Up

Your shelving may be limited, but there are hidden storage areas on the ceiling and under cabinets. Consider adding fixtures to the ceiling and cabinet areas to hold pots or stemware. They'll hang out of the way while still remaining close for everyday cooking needs. The extra shelving space encourages the whole family to keep neat stacks of dishes and bowls, instead of having dishware strewn all over the place.

Consistent Storage Sizes

Every dry good has a unique packaging shape, making storage more difficult than a game of Tetris. Maximize your pantry space by moving dry goods into square or rectangular plastic containers. Because they now have uniform shapes, the containers allow you to stack items while still seeing the contents through opaque or clear sides.

Add Interior Shelves

Deep cabinets become bottomless pits for small plates and food items. Consider adding cabinet shelving, such as plastic or wood selections. Many shelf models simply slide into the space, requiring no major construction skills. The small interior shelves give you a good view of all items.

Do You Really Need That?

That bread maker you received for the holidays is just taking up space in the cabinets. Clear out any forgotten appliances or large containers you don't use on a constant basis. Store them in the garage or in a self-storage unit, or hold a garage sale to make a profit off your lost items. Use the extra kitchen space to store plastic baggies or napkins, for example. If you don't use an item consistently, it doesn't need to be handy in the kitchen.

Take a step back and marvel at your organized kitchen. With a little upkeep, you'll be able to find and use all your food items and tools to create fantastic meals. There's no need to feel confined when you maximize your kitchen storage space effectively.