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Ways to Entertain the Kids Without Electronics

Do your kids spend hours trying to beat their high score on your iPad or sitting in front of the TV waiting for their favorite program to come on? When you're looking for ways to entertain your kids without electronics, consider activities that involve the whole family. This way, whether you’re in the middle of a move or settling into your new home, you can breathe a little easier knowing your kids are taking part in quality entertainment.

Family Fun

One downfall of spending too much time playing electronic games is that your child is missing out on physical activities. Developing a habit of enjoying outdoor activities together as a family is an alternative that can have numerous health benefits. Bike rides, nature hikes, picnics and story-telling around a campfire are just a few family activities that don't involve electronics. If you don't have storage space at your house for several bikes, some sports equipment, or outdoor items such as a tent or camping supplies, you can rent a small storage unit to store those items in.

Join forces with other parents

Establish an agreement with parents of your children’s friends concerning ways to entertain kids without electronics. Perhaps you could arrange technology-free parties to be held on a regular basis at different homes. Take your kids back in time with some nostalgic party games like Twister and Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Go all out with the retro theme and expose them to some nostalgic music and classic party food.

Art, Reading and Writing

Sign your child up for some art classes. Painting, working with clay, or any other type of artistic project can reveal some unexplored talent. And it allows your child the opportunity for creative, non-judgmental self-expression. You can also get them involved in activities at the local library. Some libraries have workshops for children that encourage them to cultivate their creative writing and artistic skills. Or keep it simple and take them to a park, a lake or some other quiet location and join them for a leisurely afternoon of reading.