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Tips to Help the Kids Make Friends Their First Day at School

First day of school jitters can be intensified in a new town, making the first day of school stressful for the entire family. Even as you're unloading the storage facility with all of your family’s belongings, parents still concentrate on their child fitting in. Do a little planning beforehand to help your child make a seamless transition into school.

 Encourage Social Courtesies

 Make sure your child knows how to approach people. Play role-playing games at home where the child introduces themselves to you. Go over some fun jokes to break the ice. Some children are extremely shy. By practicing social graces, they can overcome their shyness regarding meeting others and feeling more comfortable. Even a "hello" and wave are simple ways to meet someone new.

 Extracurricular Activities

 The playground and classroom aren't the only areas to make friends. Consider signing up your child for after-school activities or summer classes beforehand. Sports, art and science classes are perfect places to meet like-minded individuals. Discuss your child's interests with them to narrow down an activity. Although you want them to meet people and enhance their skills, you don't want to impede on homework time either. Make sure they have enough time to get everything done and still have fun.

 Surprise Snacks

 Ask the teacher if bringing snacks into class is allowed. Treats for the entire class show that you and your child are trying to be friendly. It is also an ice-breaker for your child, giving kids a chance to talk to them about the treat and any other interests. Just be sure to list any and all ingredients used, in case anyone in class has a food allergy.

 From joining sports teams to just talking about last night's TV show, making friends becomes easier as the first few days of school pass by. Give your child the mental tools they need, along with helpful treats, to create friendship bridges between kids. They may end up best friends until high school graduation.