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How to Unplug on Your Weekend Getaway

Thanks to mobile technology, work follows you wherever you go. From your smartphone to tablet, unplugging on a weekend getaway may seem impossible. However, consciously turning off your devices and concentrating on family fun makes your entire life more manageable even when returning to work. Try some smart strategies to keep your hands off the electronics on your next jaunt out of town.

Schedule "Check-In" Times

If you have an important reason for staying connected over the weekend, such as keeping in touch with business owners or independent consultants, schedule 15 or 20 minutes at the same time each day to look over correspondence. Only deal with emergency issues, and delegate other tasks to colleagues when possible. If you have limited communication, there’s no need to stress. Your business should be able to resolve issues without your involvement, as least for one weekend!

Keep Them Out of Reach

Whether you or your kids are tempted, turn off all electronic devices and place them somewhere secure. If they're out of sight, chances are they’ll be out of mind. This way, the whole family can take off to fish, swim, or hike on a weekend outing. Grab some fun water recreation items like kayaks and inner tubes out of a self-storage facility to enjoy a nearby lake or river. When everyone stays busy with a hobby or sport, the electronics remain off their minds. Only turn the devices on when everyone is packed and sitting in the car. The ride back home can be a period of quiet as everyone reconnects with others on their devices. And you’ll be able to focus on those winding mountain roads!

Recharging Your Mind

The main benefit of unplugging over the weekend is allowing yourself to mentally recharge. You're constantly being bombarded with information, from social media updates to texts from colleagues. Turning off this distraction allows you to concentrate on your surroundings. Immerse yourself in new activities like bird-watching or marvelling at local flora. You'll appreciate the world around you while decompressing your busy mind.

Work and friends will be there when you return from your weekend getaway. Update everyone through texts and email after the fun is over. You'll appreciate the time away, much like times before phones fit in the palm of your hand.