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Date Ideas in Your New City

Let's face it, moving can be kind of a drag. So many parts of a move are stressful; the packing, the cleaning, and the paperwork. However, moving also has its perks. For instance, when you move, you have a whole new world of options when it comes to treating your honey to a night out. In your old town you had probably tried every restaurant, movie theatre, and tired out the best smooching spot. In a new town, everything is fresh and waiting to be discovered. Here are a few fun date ideas to help you make the most of your new city with your sweetheart by your side.

A Progressive Picnic

Get to know the natural beauty of your new area and have fun in the meantime. Have a three-course picnic, and visit a new park for each course. Have appetizers in one place, dinner in another, and visit a third park for dessert. You'll have fun visiting new places, and as an added bonus, you now have romantic memories in your new hometown.

Get A Little Lost

Finding your way around a new city can be frustrating. Make a game out of it. Blindfold your partner and drive to a fun location in your new city. Take the blindfold off them, and let them try to find their way home with your loving assistance. Don't be in a rush, stop at any cute stores or restaurants along the way, discovering your surroundings. Just be sure you actually know where you’re going, otherwise you could be in for a long night.

I've Never Kissed You Here Before

Visit the landmarks of your new city; whether it's a cool sculpture, a historic building or a picturesque bridge. Visit all the places your city is known for, and when you get to each one, tell your date, "I've never kissed you here before." When you've enjoyed a smooch at each notable spot in the city, you'll know you've turned your new surroundings into your new home.

Moving to a new city can force you out of many of your old ruts. Get creative with your date ideas, and incorporate learning about your new city into your fun nights out.