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Beyond the Cake: Birthday Dessert Round-up

You've moved to a new town, and you want to make your child's birthday in your new home as special as possible. Amazing birthday desserts are in your future, here are a few ideas to help you move beyond boring yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Even though it is delicious, wink wink.

Mix It Up

With dozens of specialty cake mixes lining supermarket shelves, you don't need to be a pastry chef to create a spectacular birthday cake these days. Whip up a deluxe caramel cake mix to bring in some new flavor profiles, or use a pink camouflage cake mix to wow your crowd. Easy-to-use cake stencils, vibrantly colored fondants, and specialty fillings help you add an extra special touch.

World of Color

If you want to shake up the traditional look of a cake, food coloring is your friend. For rainbow cakes, add food coloring to small batches of batter, and layer the colored batter in tiers. You can also swirl together several differently colored batters for a tie-dye cake, or give a nod to the ombre craze by layering your cake in graduated shades of the same color.

Breaking The Mold

Some of the best birthday cakes don't look like pastries at all. Today's wide range of cake forms and pans help you create dozens of different birthday desserts. Colorfully decorated cake pops are a great birthday treat; whoopie pies make tasty ice cream-and-cake sandwiches, and cake batter baked in ice cream cones are the perfect dessert for a fun outdoor party. Get creative and see the surprise and delight on your child’s face.

A New Take on Old Classics

While bundt cakes used to be associated with high tea and retirees, that’s not the case nowadays. Pull your old bundt and angel food cake pans from storage to create fun shapes. Two bundt cakes pushed together can make a large "8" or a "3," and round angel food cakes are terrific for creating wheels on a truck, castle tiers, or the base for a carousel-themed cakes.

Creating a memorable birthday dessert isn't difficult or expensive. Using amazing cake mixes, colors, and forms will help you make your child's next birthday the best one ever.