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What Should I Store in Time for Spring?

As the snow slowly begins to thaw, you know it’s getting close to time to pack up those winter wares. Winter is full of heavy layers and extra clothes. And while it’s perfectly expected that your home will get a little cluttered during the hibernation months, just know you can always use storage when the first spring breeze wafts through the windows.


Winter brings out all the extra quilts, blankets, and thick comforters. If you don’t have extra space in your house to store all the many cold-weather blankets, consider sticking them all in vacuumed sealed bags and storing them safe in storage until the first cold snap later in the year.


You might have winter coats in all colors and styles, but they’re not going to do you much good once it’s summer time and you’re trying to cram your new sundress in your closet. Leave out at least one or two coats for those truly nippy nights, but pack up the rest of your winter armor in storage to make more space in your room. 


If you brought out the extra beds for your holiday and winter guests, you probably won’t need them again until the summer travel season. These things take up too much space in your home as it is. Wrap up your spare mattresses in special plastic sealers, and leave them in storage until guest season comes back with a vengeance.

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning by getting all your winter wares tucked away in storage. You’ll be spending more time outdoors soon enough, but you don’t want a cluttered indoor space once it’s time to head back inside.