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Things to Consider before Moving in Together

Moving in with your significant other is not something to jump into blindly. Sure you’re in love, and you seemingly can’t live without each other, but sharing bills and waking up to morning breath are just a few of the aspects you should consider before signing on the dotted line. We’ve outlined a few important discussions you should have together prior to sharing the same tube of toothpaste.

Money Talk

No one likes to talk about money, but unfortunately it’s a hot topic to discuss to determine if you’re compatible to live together. First and foremost, can you both afford the place? If your income is three times as much as your partner’s pay, your price ranges might not be on the same level, and this could easily lead to a point of contention. Next, determine how you plan on splitting up the bills before they arrive in the mail. Knowing who pays what and who’s responsible for what bill will prevent financial disagreements down the road.

Schedule Talk

If you’re a waitress who works the nightshift, while your partner is a teacher and wakes up at the crack of dawn, is sharing a bedroom going to work? It might sound like a party now, but when you’re opening the front door at 2:00 am waking up your partner who needs to be up at 5:00 am, this could easily stir up trouble. If you’re set on making it work, devise a sleep schedule now.

Chores Talk

If you’ve lived with roommates before, we don’t have to remind you about how a roomie slacking on chores duty can drive you up the wall. Though discussing who will clean the toilet bowl and who will take out the trash are some of the least sexy conversation topics, your relationship will be a whole lot stronger when you’re not holding a grudge because your significant other didn’t do the dishes.

Romance Talk

You’re playing house, but in real life, so don’t forget to be playful and let things slide. While living together might bring out the ugly side of you at times, don’t forget to keep the romance alive. Before moving in together, talk about ways you can keep your relationship strong.