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Simple Ways to Organize for the New Year

Now, now, January isn’t over, so it’s not time to give up on those New Year’s organization resolutions just yet. While we certainly advocate tackling the big stuff, like getting a deep clean of the carpets and walls, sometimes it’s easier to get a few of the pesky things out of the way first. Once you organize the small stuff in their new tidy and proper place, you’ll feel more accomplished to take on the rest of the house.

Thumbtacks for a Modern Jewelry Box

If you’re the kind of person with random pieces of jewelry lying around the house, you might need something more visible than a jewelry box. Take out a few thumbtacks and create a jewelry wall. Hang your necklaces, bracelets, and rings on the tacks for a cool look in your room, as well as easy access to all of your accessories.

Kitchen Ware to Rescue Your Bathroom Makeup Disasters

Oh dear, if you have makeup out the wazoo and can’t find anything in your messy bathroom drawers, invest in some kitchen ware. Use a utensil organizer to separate your eyeliners from your blush brushes, and so on. And don’t forget about under the sink. Invest in a few small baskets to separate and hold shampoos, razors, and feminine products.

Storage of Garage Sale items

While you’re going around your house, start organizing unwanted items in a box for donation or a future garage sale. Next time you’re searching for an outfit in your closet, look at each shirt and dress in your closet and really ask yourself the last time you wore it. If it’s been more than one or two years, toss it in the ‘going away’ box. If you have other unused trinkets or furnishings, it’s time to let go of those, too. If it’s still too cold for a garage sale, consider a short-term storage unit to get your clutter out of the house and ready for sale in a few weeks.