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Please, Please Get Rid of That

Yes, it’s important to try to rescue items rather than toss every little thing once it gets its first scratch or it isn’t bright and shiny anymore. However, there are some items, some quite gross and broken items, in your house it’s really time to let go of. Stop procrastinating, and get out a big garbage bag. Whether you toss it in recycling, a donation center, or out to the dump, it’s time to have a fresher home.


No, your makeup will not last a lifetime. In fact, many types of makeup expire after only a few months. Holding on to old war paint can cause you skin problems and possible infections due to the bacteria built up over time. Toss it.


You sleep on your pillows 6-8 hours a night. Think of all the oils in your hair and any sweat you might be transferring during the warmer months. Grossed out yet? We are too. Get rid of your pillows every other year or so.


Those spices might be dried and not aging as obviously as fresh herbs would, but it’s probably time to toss them. Spices lose potency after a few years, which will hinder the taste of your dishes. It may not make sense to invest in fresh spices when you only need a pinch here and a pinch there, but consider purchasing an updated stock.

Your Kitchen Sponge

Seriously, when was the last time you changed out your sponge? You should be changing them out at least once a month. Just think of all your plates, bowls, and cups washed with your old sponge…

\Old Magazines and Newspapers

It’s one thing if you’re holding onto dated magazines and newspapers for historic purposes, but if you’ve just gotten lazy and created a castle of papers for no reason; it’s time to get rid of them. Collect all your unwanted print materials and toss them in the recycle bin, pronto.