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How to Move from Big to Small

Maybe you’re struggling with empty nesters syndrome or you’re eying the tiny apartment for rent with the incredible view, but either way, a downsizing battle is probably on your horizon. You’re sure to face the centuries old question, how on earth do I get all of my stuff to fit in this tiny space? Well, we’re here to answer that and whether you like it or not, the answer, is generally: you’re not. Before you start to stress, follow our simple tips for slowly, but surely downsizing your belongings to fit in your home.

Take Inventory

Start off with a walkthrough of your home, jotting down all the furniture you accumulated, from couches and side tables to dressers and mattresses. If you have already chosen a new space in which you plan to move, then make a copy of the floor plan to help you choose where all your furniture will end up. Take photos, or make measurements, whatever it takes to give you a better idea of what kind of space you’re working with.

Have you ended up with four couches and only one small living room? Or perhaps you have six mattresses and only two bedrooms. If so, let space be your number one deciding factor as to whether you should keep it, donate it, or chuck it. 

Donate and Sell

To better organize and sift through your belongings, decide to donate or sell your new or lightly used items. Yard sales, Craigslist, and Ebay are great avenues for selling your goods, while you can always donate your belongings to organizations such as the Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans of America, or the Goodwill.

Start with the large items, like those couches and mattresses. Next, go through your closest, junk drawers, and attic. Haven’t used it in a few months? Throw it in the to-go pile. The same goes for items you have forgotten about and those you’re saving for a rainy day. Let your future clutter-free home be the motivation to rid yourself of unnecessary items.

Rent a Storage Unit

If you really can’t make up your mind, or you’re in too much of a rush to decide which couch to keep and which to toss, rent a storage unit. A personal unit can help you sort through your belongings on your time without making impulse decisions.