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It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s snowing, it’s storming, and you’ll be staying inside this weekend. Now, it would be easy to see dark clouds as the signs of a doomed weekend, but really, this is a great chance to do some deep cleaning you’ve been meaning to do all year. As the rain, sleet, and snow hit the window panes, throw on some rubber gloves, and get your home clean, mean, and ready for spring.

Clean Out the Refrigerator

If you don’t know if that clump of ice used to be chicken, beef, or left-over cake, it’s time to throw it out. Use your discriminating judgment to go through the old food in your fridge and freezer. Going forward, label your food packages. Know the exact date you made the soup, casserole, or meatballs, so you can eat everything in time and not waste any last morsels.

Organize under the Sink and inside Your Drawers

While you’re organizing your toiletries and cleaning products, take some time to do a good wipe down of the areas. No doubt some makeup powder has spilled in one of the drawers, or some laundry detergent dribbled into the corner, or, at the very least, you’ll have some dust in need of cleaning.

Clean and Flip Your Mattress

Twice a year, you should clean all the mattresses in your house to keep dust mites in check. Vacuum the top of the mattresses, as well as the box springs underneath. Once everything is finished, flip your mattresses over and vacuum once more. While it’s tempting to stay in bed all day on a cold stormy day, making sure your mattress is fresh is a much better use of time.

Make your indoor day a productive day. Clean the corners, scrub the floors, and store away or donate any items you haven’t used in years. Your house will feel fresh and organized way before spring cleaning arrives.