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When to Store and When to Give Away

As you walk through your home with a critical eye in tow, truly ask yourself what’s worth storing and what can be given away. Sentimental items, like childhood art projects, work awards, and books are great items to store. Other things, like your years-old towels and clothes you don’t wear anymore, are only taking up space. Here are a few ideas of places to donate to, when you want to save your wares from the trash.

Old Towels

Rather than tossing your faded towels into the garbage, look into donating them to a local pet shelter. Many shelters use warm towels to line the kennels as the animals wait to be adopted. Ask your neighborhood pet refuge if they accept donations before heading over.

Kitchen Tools

Do you have four ladles? An extra can opener? When you move frequently, it’s easy to accumulate extra kitchen wares along the way. Take all of the extras and unused tools and place them aside. If you haven’t used anything in the box in a week or more, you probably never will. Do a good deed, and donate them to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry

Take a good look inside of your closet and be truthful with yourself. If you have not worn those dresses, shirts, or pants in years, it’s time to let go. Inspect them for wear and tear before wrapping them up, and once you’re satisfied with parting with them, take them down to the local homeless or battered women’s home. Some of these locations also accept shoes and jewelry, if you have more to give.

There are numerous charities and foundations, which will gladly accept your donations. Everything from clothes and furniture to kitchen tools and cell phones, you can find a Salvation Army, a homeless shelter, a Red Cross, or pet shelter open to take your wares.