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Top Home Improvement Projects to Start in Spring

The ice is starting to thaw, the days are getting longer, and your trees and flowers are beginning to wake up once more. Spring is coming to town. We know there are quite a few spring projects you’d like to tackle inside the house, but don’t ignore your backyard. Before the heat of summer and the onslaught of late spring rains, take the time to work on these outdoor projects.

Check the Gutters

With all the wind whipping the leaves and the snow sliding down roof dirt, you may need to give your gutters a good scrub before the rains arrive. Clogged gutter ways can lead to rain water splashing dirt on the paint of your house and pooling around the foundation of your home. A blocked rain gutter isn’t going to do your home any favors. 

Prepare the Outdoor Spaces

This is a great time to finally install the hot tub, build a porch, or begin looking for the perfect outdoor furniture in time for the first BBQ of the year. If you already have these items in place, do a thorough inspection. Are there cracks in the concrete around your spa? Are one of the floor boards of your deck loose? Does your furniture need a hearty clean before you’d dare sit on it? Warmer weather will be here before you know.

Green the Grass

Walk around your back and front yard lawns to spot any winter damage. Seed any dead spots you find, and use the spring rains to your advantage. Why spend money hosing down your lawn, when Mother Nature will do it for you for free? This, of course, also goes for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in the garden.

Check Your Roof

Heavy winter snow can wreak havoc on your roof. Inspect your roof for damage from snow, fallen tree branches, and cracks caused by ice. Fix it now, before you find yourself standing in a spring puddle indoors.

Warmer weather is almost here. It’s time to do a thorough inspection, start on any projects, and get those pool floaties and sun umbrellas out from storage.